Research Centers

Center for Optoelectronics and Optical Communications

The Center’s technical focus from the beginning, and which continues to strengthen, is in advancing the integration of optical and electronic functionality for next generation photonic devices and systems.

The Center for Precision Metrology

The Center for Precision Metrology is located in Duke Centennial Hall on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The Center for Precision Metrology is a synergistic association of interdisciplinary UNC Charlotte researchers allied with industry; dedicated to research, application, integration, and education in areas of design, manufacturing, processes, and controls relating to precision metrology.

The Center for Biomedical Engineering Systems

The complexity of biomedical issues requires collaborative and multi-disciplinary efforts to make optimal advancements. The CBES mission addresses this by fostering interdisciplinary collaborations for advancing biomedical engineering research and development using a systems approach. As such CBES provides the infrastructure for faculty and students at UNC Charlotte andbiomedical researchers in the Charlotte metropolitan area, to collaborate on critical biomedical issues. In this way our CBES researchers are able to synergize their expertise to strongly impact biomedical engineering research, development, and practices.